Sir William de Kildesby

William de Kildesby (born c1295-1300? - died 1346) rose to become the third most important man in England, after the king and his chancellor. His official biography in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography does not cover his early years, but these have been researched and documented by Gren Hatton, drawing on a wide variety of contemporary documentary sources.

The basic outline of de Kildesby's life and career is covered in a series of 3 short articles on another part of this site.

This area of the site contains links to the various background source material from which the series of articles was written. It is presented here for the benefit of any scholar who would like to learn more about the world into which William de Kildesby was born - a time of severe harvest failures and natural disaster, and a period in which personal loyalty and the patronage of powerful men were essential aspects of the struggle for power.