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Results and papers

The results of the detailed documentary and fieldwork study of the Onley site are available in an unpublished paper by G.W. Hatton, which formed the basis of a lecture to the CRASSH Conference at Cambridge University in 2005. The paper may be viewed/downloaded via this link.

This paper is the copyright work of G.W. Hatton, and may not be quoted either whole or in part without the prior written consent of the author, who may be contacted via this link.

Various published articles by other historians have a bearing on the research project carried out at Onley; these articles may be viewed/downloaded by following the links below:

Description view
'Deserted villages of Northamptonshire', Beresford et al, 1966 download
'The Oxford Rising of 1596', Walter, 1985 download
'The Midland Rising of 1607', Hindle, 2008 download
'Enclosure and the Inquisitions of 1607', Martin, 1982 download

The above articles also form the background to the Prosecutions for Depopulation in Northamptonshire that were brought in 1610 as a result of the Inquisition of 1607. G.W. Hatton's new analysis of these prosecutions is presented on the next page of this section.