What records exist?

Church and chapel records

The early church registers for Kilsby (which originally commenced in 1538) were still in existence as late as 1880 - but it is thought that they were lost around 1900 in a fire at the record office to which they had been sent for safe-keeping. The only available copy of the church registers that is still in existence comes from the Bishop's Transcripts, which commenced much later in 1706.

The Independent Chapel in Kilsby was founded in or about 1663. However, its own early records no longer exist, and the only remaining registers cover the period 1795-1914.

Other records

Many other complete or partial records have survived that can be used to add to the data in the parish registers - for more details of this, see our Ancestor Assistance page.

What has been transcribed?

Parish registers

The entire church registers as described above, from 1706AD to 2000AD, have been transcribed by Gren Hatton into electronic format, and are held on an MS Access database. The chapel registers from 1795-1914 are also included in this database, which therefore provides a searchable archive of all available data on marriages, baptisms and burials in Kilsby during these years.

Early wills

The period prior to 1706 may be covered to some extent by examining the wills that have survived for those earlier years. All available extant wills for Kilsby in the period 1500-1700 (and also for the neighbouring villages of Ashby St Ledgers, Barby, Braunston and Crick) have therefore been digitally recorded and transcribed by Gren Hatton, in an attempt to make up for the lack of early parish registers. The wills transcripts are in MS Word format, and can be searched electronically.

How are searches made?

The database of Kilsby parish register transcripts has been donated to the Rugby Family History Group. If you are a member of this society, you can search the Kilsby parish registers online at their website.

Alternatively, contact us by email with brief details of the person(s) whom you are seeking, and we will search the parish register database and the wills transcripts for you.

Registers of other local villages

The parish registers for Ashby St Ledgers (1538-2000), Barby (1538-1572 and 1706-2000) and Crick (1538-1900) are also transcribed and available for electronic searching, as well as the wills from 1500-1700 for all these villages. For further details, see the pages for the relevant village.