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History articles published in Kilsby Kronickle:

Description view
House history detective work - update, April 2010 download
House history, Daventry House and the Kilsby toll-gate download
House history, The Limes, Main Road download
Kilsby's Post Offices through the ages download
The blacksmith and his forge download
Kilsby's blacksmiths, 1500s to 1900s download
Medieval floor-tiles discovered in Kilsby church download
Hunting for ancestors in Kilsby download
The Story of William de Kildesby - part 1 download
The Story of William de Kildesby - part 2 download
The Story of William de Kildesby - part 3 download
The Weedon Stoneway download
The story of Alfred Mason download
Archaeology at Barby Hill - part 1 download
Archaeology at Barby Hill - part 2 download
Archaeology at Barby Hill - part 3 download
Kilsby's water supply in the 1830s download
Fresh light on Kilsby tunnel download
Kilsby tunnel in use download
Christmas review, December 2012 download
Kilsby's medieval rabbit warren download
Man's best friend - animal tales from Kilsby download
Archaeology at Barby Hill - part 4 download
The history of Kilsby Flower Show download
Anglican Water! download
Long term effects of Enclosure download
Education in Kilsby download
Discord in the chancel download
Archaeology at Barby Hill - part 5 download
Ridge and furrow download
Emery Close download
Archaeology at Barby Hill - part 6: the wider context download
Toll roads download
The Iron Age hillforts of Northamptonshire download
The village shop download
Community Archaeology Day download
Medieval longhouses at Kilsby download
The marketplace by the lookout hill download
A history of Kilsby village download
The evolution of Barby, Crick and Kilsby, 1750-1900: part 1 download
The evolution of Barby, Crick and Kilsby, 1750-1900: part 2
The evolution of Barby, Crick and Kilsby, 1750-1900: part 3

Other published works on Kilsby:

Three soft-back professionally-bound history books have been published on Kilsby:

'Kilsby - the Story of a Village', (c) Gren Hatton 1989, 256 pages, illustrated

This book deals with the development and formation of Kilsby from the foundation of the settlement in the early 10th century, through the medieval period and up to the end of the 1800s. It includes details of the development of roads, canals and railways, follows the village through the changing times of Enclosure, Industrial Revolution and Napoleonic War, and illustrates how the village grew and adapted to each of these successive changes. A victim of its own success, this book has long been out of print - but in response to continued demand the author has made available an electronic version of the text only, which may be obtained by emailing us

'At That Particular Time', (c) Gren Hatton 1999, 164 pages, illustrated

Taking up the story in about 1880, this book contains many anecdotes and tales captured 'live' from Kilsby's oldest inhabitants, who were born in the period 1900-1915; though they have now passed on, their words and memories remain, as fresh as the day when they were first laid down, telling a vivid tale of the pretty little village in which they lived and grew up in the years before and after the Great War of 1914-1918, and up to the start of the Second World War; early photographs and maps enrich their memories and bring to life Kilsby as it was 'at that particular time'. Copies of the book are available (price £10 + p&p) by emailing us.  This book is also available in PDF format.

'Kilsby, a Special Place', (c) Doug Lintern 2005, 99 pages, illustrated

Doug Lintern grew up in Kilsby in the 1930s and 1940s. His personal reminiscences continue the story already developed in Gren Hatton's books, and take the story of Kilsby up to about 1950, with many period photographs. Unfortunately the book is now out of print - but email us if you are trying to obtain a copy and we will pass the request on.

In addition, a separate spiral-bound booklet is available, documenting 1000 years of history of the church and chapel in Kilsby:

'A History of the Church in Kilsby', (c) Gren Hatton 2004, 38 pages, illustrated

Details, dates and dimensions; the story of medieval catholicism, Puritanism, and the early non-conformist Independent chapel; parish registers, incumbents, the chantry chapel, the fire in the bell tower, Georgian splendour and 19th century renovation ... and much more. It's all here, in accessible and readable form. Copies of the book are available (price £3 + p&p) by emailing us.

Kilsby Heritage Trail & Map:

A colour PDF file of the Kilsby Heritage Trail is available for download from the Kilsby Village website. This includes a brief summary of the village's history, a map of the village showing over 30 points of historical interest (including ancient ridge-and-furrow, church and chapel, historic houses, etc.) with brief descriptions of each and a suggested walkers' route around the village, plus details of local hostelries and shops.

Downloads (and legal copyright):

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