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Articles by EW Timmins in Crick News

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, a series of articles was specially written for Crick News by the distinguished amateur historian Ernest W. Timmins.

Local historian Gren Hatton, who knew Mr. Timmins well, comments:

"Ernest Timmins was a man of many parts, and was highly respected by those of us fortunate enough to enter into historical discussion with him - my own first book on the history of Kilsby was greatly improved by his many detailed comments and suggestions on my draft text. Outside of his career as a scientific researcher at BTH/AEI Rugby (now Converteam), he was widely known for his studies of the pre-Conquest and medieval periods, and for his deep knowledge of early languages. He was frequently able to decipher Anglo-Saxon texts, and was skilled in reading the many variants of medieval texts in scribal Latin and Old French. He was also a talented musician, and for many years he was church organist at Lilbourne. Much of his historical research work focused upon the early history of a handful of west Northamptonshire communities - including Kilsby and Crick, for which he had a particular fondness. It is a great pity that he never published the vast majority of his work, or sought to discuss it with other scholars, for that would have brought academic recognition of many of his discoveries that, sadly, remain as incomplete notes in his archives, faithfully preserved by Mr. C.J. Hicks of the Rugby Local History Research Group, and deposited at the Northamptonshire Record Office."

Happily however, the articles that Ernest Timmins wrote for Crick News have been rescued and converted to digital format by Jim Goodger, and they are presented here just as he wrote them. They provide a good complement to the current series of history articles in Crick News, as they deal mainly with the very early part of Crick's history. They also provide an excellent background to the ongoing studies by Gren Hatton on the medieval manor of Crick by analysis of the manorial papers contained in the archive of St John's College Oxford (which are documented elsewhere on this site)

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1: The origins of Crick's name (autumn 1976) download
2: Christmas in Crick 100 years ago (Christmas 1976) download
3: Crick in 1700 Part 1 (spring 1977) download
4: Crick in 1700 Part 2 (autumn 1977) download
5: Crick in 1700 Part 3 (spring 1978) download
6: Crick in 1700 Part 4 (autumn 1978) download
7: Music and Organs in St Margaret's church (Christmas 1978) download
8: Crick and the Domesday Book (summer 1979) download
9: The manors of Crick Part 1 (spring 1979) download
10: The manors of Crick Part 2 (autumn 1979) download
11: The manors of Crick Part 3 (spring 1980) download
12: The manors of Crick Part 4 (summer 1980) download
13: The manors of Crick Part 5 (autumn 1980) download
14: The manors of Crick Part 6 (Christmas 1980) download
15: The manors of Crick Part 7 (summer 1981) download
16: The manors of Crick Part 8 (Christmas 1981) download
17: The manors of Crick Part 9 (spring 1982) download